KUMANO FUDE Make up Brushes 3set Cheek & Eye Shadow & Eyebrow made in Japan HIROSHIMA Kumano Brush

型番 okaidoku500
販売価格 9,163円(税833円)

[Type of brush]
no.6: teak brush (Sohikariho)
no.14: eye shadow (pony)
no.16: eyebrow (water path jar)
Origin: Hiroshima Prefecture Kumano-cho, makeup brush

Offer in discount 15% discount at the optimum high-quality makeup brush for beginners! Because you are using a cute pink short axis to the brush, you Mochiaruke at any time convenient to carry!
Lady even if we do not brush debut in Makeup Brush Starter Set?
To cheek brush is using softer crude light peak in the hair of goats, comfortable to use perfect score in the best touch. There is a fair Kosi, may include powder, brush is satisfied with the finish of a natural blur for larger. Now, teak brush in the larger amount of hair plenty of brush, that would put in a quick and two to three times tips! In addition, the amount of hair of the brush is twice glad there is a reasonable Kosi even in soft in plenty, you can use it as a brush for powdery foundation! Since only a small decrease of your powder, it is very convenient to the economical and your face-lift. For us to brighten your facial expressions. Eye makeup is an essential condition to the beauty, transformed into eyebrow beauty in the eyebrow brush. Eye shadow has soft Kosi in the hair of the pony. Please, represent a new yourself in this three brush!

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