KUMANO FUDE Make up Brush Cheek Brush Blue Squirrel Round type made in Japan HIROSHIMA Kumano Brush

型番 RE18-2
販売価格 5,830円(税530円)

Blusher is important point in your beautiful!
Of the finest in the Hair type, the finest using the hair of ash squirrel portable cheek brush
Feel like mink, become as one stroked a healing time of the brush, if it Motere confidence to make the finish, more and more clean-up time without a mistake.
It is recommended for those with sensitive skin.
Cheek brush to show me brighten the impression of appearance!

The hair away, and moistened with teak color. In teak point, it puts slowly, then, please put up as paint lightly. There is no substitute for per gray squirrel skin. In addition, the lightly teak point, and you will be back and forth several times with a brush, the original color with the cosmetics is out and color. Sponge and, not draw the hair a small amount of brush, you can enjoy color and color development.
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Overall length: 125mm
Hair length: 32mm
Hair type: Gray squirrel
Shape: Round
Origin: Hiroshima Prefecture Kumano-cho, makeup brush

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