KUMANO FUDE Make up Brush Chubby Cheek Brush "Sokouhou" made in Japan HIROSHIMA Kumano Brush

型番 RE20-10
販売価格 6,490円(税590円)

Comfortable to use perfect score there is a softness Kosi in!
The hair is strong Kosi than ash squirrel, gently touched feel good and popular Kumano makeup brush to the skin.
Size entering the back and the porch is a convenient popular commodity in mobile.
Convenient place can also be used in teak in powder!

Makeup brush to show me healthy and bright the impression of appearance!
Put a quick with a large brush of hair amount of plenty but tips!
Amount of hair plenty of Kumano makeup brush with a maximum of hair "Sohikariho" in the goat!

Hair destination, make it easier to take a cheek color, it is summarized thin. This brush We are called and known as Botteriburashi. The middle portion is thicker amount of hair is plenty, hair destination has become thinner. Highest contains the color. If it is set to your day-to-day, is enough to be able to cheek without occasionally take the color, we recommend that to be attached to a point in the width of the brush as stroking become your its bulging both again we will. Once you put several times in one direction, it began to color. You do not need to wear many times the color.
Character of ※ Photos "永豊堂" is, you may not have entered

Overall length: 132mm
Hair length: 43mm
Hair type: Sohikariho (goat)
Origin: Hiroshima Prefecture Kumano-cho, makeup brush

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