KUMANO FUDE Make up Brush Liquid Foundation Brush Nylon made in Japan HIROSHIMA Kumano Brush

型番 GLQ-1
販売価格 4,400円(税400円)

Since the shaft is short convenient liquid brush to mobile! By using a nylon hair of the same wide cut and famous brands, wet quickly to your skin, you can be the best liquid makeup that growth is a sense of transparency in the beautiful. There are benefits such as "hand evenly Yuku extend-finish waste in no-clean of dirt, not Liquid does not take time can there - easily with clean" by using a brush. This is especially convenient brush to busy direction from the morning.
The main difference between goat hair, as well as Liquid Foundation, cream van, will also extend to clean the base cream, such as UV. Nylon confidence in customers not really like, because it can van of the film between the skin and the brush, there is no direct sense. Rational Americans, I hate to be put in hand. Because we must washed away a useless van marked with the hand every day.

for liquid foundation Overall length: 125mm
Hair length: 30mm
Hair type: nylon
Origin: Hiroshima Prefecture Kumano Makeup Brush
※ The color of the axis bracket is the "gold"

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