KUMANO FUDE Make up Brushes 2set Powder & Cheek made in Japan HIROSHIMA Kumano Brush

型番 okaidoku26
販売価格 6,265円(税570円)

[Type of brush]
no.4: powder (super goat)
no.10: teak (pony)
Origin: Hiroshima Prefecture Kumano-cho

● characteristics of the powder brush (Super Goat) ...
Goat than that of a goat, the old days, because it seems to have been using the hair on the back is per skin becomes progressively worse, now, super goat, we use a lot of the base of the part of the goat of the foot. When asked to once a shampoo-rinse to two months to return to the soft bristles. Well it includes the powder is in the curly-haired, and you're good per skin. After all, excellent durability, is a product of the professionals of the frequency of use No.1. You can use it to your flour and powdery Van (solid).
● features of the cheek brush (pony) ...
Speaking of teak brush, about was only pony, it is a popular commodity. There is popular with young women even now, it is a commodity, such as the gateway to success of teak brush. Hair type is a straightforward straight hair, there is moderate soft touch, waist also, less expensive, is impeccable goods. But if you made a variety of hair quality of teak brush as of today, there is no feature pony that omission fly, for those who love makeup is a product that would be graduated. Please use once as your gateway to success for the future, including the makeup.
Our lowest price of the powder and you will find a teak two sets! Since we are using a convenient pink short axis in portable, convenient to carry. Moreover, it is the perfect gift for the thin box cased.

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