Satsuma Tsuge Boxwood Comb Men's 13.6cm phase fine japanese traditional hair comb made in Japan

型番 手付4寸5分相(新2)
販売価格 9,240円(税840円)

[ Infomation of Satsuma Tsuge (boxwood) ]
Since ancient times, trees of boxwood has been popular as the best material for the comb and seal, handiwork. Among them, Satsuma Tsuge in the evergreen shrub of buxaceae of Ibusuki, Kagoshima Prefecture provinces of origin, compared such as in Thailand is a producer of boxwood of imports, due to the low temperature, Satsuma boxwood is slower growth than the boxwood of imports, width of annual rings will become narrower. Width of annual rings narrow minute, become a fine-grained material, Satsuma boxwood comb made from boxwood is a homogeneous, it will be smooth comb rich in very resilient. It therefore has been prized as a material of the comb.
The material is in yellow, has a dense (dense) of yellowfin tuna, hard and tenaciously, broken difficult, you come out the gloss (gloss) enough to knock down.
It reason, the couple harmony, and has been prized as a good tree of cottage safety, such as auspicious.
It is the eternal desire of the people living in handmade boxwood to take advantage of this privileged material.

[ Boxwood comb and brush and Camellia oil ]
The hair brush of boxwood have impregnated a pure camellia oil. This effect will have a profound influence for the hair. Directly, but it will be Pettari hair was sticky and attach to the hair a camellia oil, by using impregnated in wood of boxwood, the clammy feeling is no, will the hair of glossy, which was moist. Camellia gave me also nutrients to the hair from ancient times. Hair is where nutrition is going to last in the body. So to prevent the aging of the hair by giving nutrients from hair. This gave me demonstrate the people who are using the comb of boxwood from a young age. Even if the 80-year-old to 90-year-old it was a black hair.
Compatibility of trees and camellia oil of boxwood is made up well. Boxwood belongs to the kind of the hardest wood, but yet we also combines tenacity, not lacking in the simple. But, there is also a very violent tree. Therefore, camellia oil is you help not warped the wood of boxwood.
In addition, boxwood is tree-ring is fine, because it is as fine Vessel do not know to look at the micro microscope, not as if oil is also a camellia oil and olive oil. I tried impregnated with other oil to try, but I have become a stain not soak the whole. Again the compatibility basis I camellia oil of the best.
And massage the scalp with a brush of boxwood, and the hair was nutrition and moist shiny with camellia oil soaked. Please try.

● "Otokogushi""4sun5bu" "Aiba"
Has been referred to as the man comb even chauffeur in the comb, it is popular for the men of the mobile phone. It is convenient to carry around to put the inner pocket of the suit.

[ Details ]
Size: width 13.9 cm × height 2.9 cm × thickness 0.5 cm × between the tooth 0.2 cm
Material: Domestic Satsuma Tsuge (Satsumatsuge)
Production: Sen-syu Kaizuka-shi (IZUMI GUSHI)
※ for handmade goods, there is a possibility that an error occurs in some size

[ Precautions ]
● new boxwood comb in front of your use, so please use by incorporated seen enough immersion the camellia oil or vegetable oil (※ This product is We already "camellia oil finishing", You can use it even while the )
● Avoid so will cause a deviation there is no wash you and glossy with water or hot water please
● Please avoid use of the dryer
● when the dirt between the tooth , please drop the dirt with a camellia oil or vegetable oil to the toothbrush

[ How to Care of comb ]
1, brush for care or a toothbrush, and prepare the camellia oil.
2, whole, in particular the center of the tooth, put the camellia oil. Rub lightly with a brush or a toothbrush and rub the oil, and then, 20 minutes to 30 minutes, place the time.
3, since it has been lifted dirt, firmly scrape out with a brush. Especially scoop out the root of the part, clean dirt will fall.
4, wipe with a cloth or tissue If you get to some extent dirt. When the place from 3 hours about four hours, you will be glossy steeped in camellia oil is a comb.

※ manufacturer has changed from August 2010.
※ again makers from December 2014 has changed.
(There is no change in the material and quality)

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